After almost two years of caring for my 90-year-old father with Parkinson’s, I’m starting to wonder what drug he was given that caused him to totally zone out and land him in the hospital, dehydrated and so drugged up that the hospital doctor thought he wouldn’t come out of it for ten days.  It didn’t really dawn on me until lately that he was totally abused or is this a common practice in nursing homes?

It was this incident that has changed my family’s life forever. We’re blessed to be taking care of Grandpa at home, but it has come with a great price. I want to know what drug he was given and WHY? That one act has altered my life and the lives of six other people, especially Grandpa’s. Things grow curiouser and curiouser.

Grandpa during his nursing home days.












Grandpa at home after being taken off of Benzatropine which gave him dementia.