You Aren’t in Kansas . . .

Quote of the day: As Robert stumbled into Grandpa’s room this morning to get him up at 9:00 a.m. (which we have consistently been doing since August), Grandpa said, “Eric used to get me up at 8:30!”

“Well, Dorothy,” Robert replied, “You aren’t in Kansas, anymore!”

Perfect Timing

Score one for the daughter! I just brought Grandpa (the famous 91-year-old author) a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

He says, “Wow!” and points to the computer.

One of the fictional characters in his story had just served coffee and a sweet roll. Talk about perfect timing! His tummy must have been dictating those prose.

Macho Man and Doctor Mom

And the beat goes on . . .

Grandpa asked me this morning if I like being married to “Macho Man” (his name for, Eric, our son, before he left for WA, and his new name for, Robert, my hubby, his new caregiver.

I just laughed.

Then he said, Yeah, “Macho Man” is married to “Doctor Mom,” who is me of course.

The Throne Room

Every morning Grandpa gets messages from the Throne Room (heaven) and the Dome Room (his brain). First thing when I open his door, he’ll say, “I got a message from the Throne Room!” And I’ll say, “Oh,oh . . . look out!”

Today’s message: “You can’t say ‘I Can’t’ to the Throne Room!” Think about it. We do that quite often, don’t we?

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