I’m still recovering from Eric and Hannah’s wedding, and The Hopeful Farm Foundation Mother’s Retreat when Grandpa yelled down the hallway from his bedroom:

“Hey, Jill, are we going out sometime?”

“Yes, Grandpa,” I yelled back.

As soon as I recover from the last six months of my life, I thought to myself . . . (personally, I could stay home forever).

But really,where do you take a 93 year old man just for fun?

Wesley Village in Wilmore, KY of course. This performance looks right up Grandpa’s alley: “Smiling Memories and Melodies of 1920” Direct from Cypress, TX, John Korsgaard returns with another magical musical presentation of popular tunes and celebrities of the past.

But it’s not until the 28th. It will give Grandpa something to look forward to!