Sometimes Grandpa is awake in the morning, like today.

Other days, he practically sleeps through breakfast. Those days I feed him his cereal because his hand just can’t find his mouth.

He’s always awake at lunch time, though. So today, I had the brilliant idea of switching his meals – breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast.

He can easily pick up a sandwich in the morning verses navigating a spoon through sloppy bran cereal which somehow pauses mid air and hangs there until I yell, “Eat your cereal Grandpa!”

We’ve tried bran muffins before but they aren’t as good for his digestion as bran cereal straight out of the box with almond milk. So I made Grandpa a sandwich and cut it into eight separate pieces so he didn’t have to hold it all at one time. Then I covered it with a lid to keep it fresh and so he wouldn’t be able to see it before I explained the change in routine! (You’ve always got to be thinkin’ about repercussions ahead of time around here!)

But how was I going to present this new concept to Grandpa? I mean,who wants to eat lunch at breakfast time – every day?

As I stood before him, all cheerful and upbeat – ready to present my case – these words came out of my mouth (with no premeditation on my part, I assure you):

“Grandpa, were you in the air force?”

He nodded “yes.”

“Well the air force is sort of like the army, right?” I said.

He nodded “yes” again.

“Well, from now on, you’re eating lunch at breakfast time and breakfast at lunchtime!”

He nodded “yes” again, didn’t even bat and eyelash, and continued eating his prunes . . .

Wow! He’s totally on board! I can’t believe it!

I breathed a sigh of relief and returned to my work.

A few minutes later, however, I looked over at Grandpa and noticed that he was eating his sandwich with a fork and using his non-dominate hand to do it!!!

Unbelievable . . . This guy just amazes me. From one day to the next, I never know what I’m going to get to work with!

Does it matter on the “Eternal Plan?” Not really, I tell myself.

Eric says, “Well that went pretty well… but just wait until lunchtime!”

Gulp!!! I hadn’t thought of that. He’s right, of course. It’ s one thing to sleep through bran cereal, it’s another to be fully awake and have to stomach that stuff every day.


Eric told me this morning that “flexibility” is my middle name. I just hope it’s an inherited trait – coming from Grandpa, himself. If not, he’s in the army now!