I don’t know why lately, but Grandpa makes me laugh when I should get mad. Must be God’s grace for another of life’s “trying” moments here at the “Just Keep ‘Em Happy Old Folks Home!”

For instance, my child (Grandpa) did not get a good night’s sleep due to a sore on his toe. I gave him two Tylenol last night, and re-tucked him in in the wee hours of the morning.

Later around 9:00 a.m. when we went to get him up and I checked on his toe again, he asked me to call the paramedics because he said he was having leg spasms for the last three hours. I just wanted to laugh, but I didn’t let on…

He looked just fine, so Bob and I proceeded with the usual morning routine because He didn’t seem to be ailing – at all.

When Bob had him dressed and ready to go, he wheeled him out to breakfast, but Grandpa wanted to skip his bran cereal and go back to bed. Problem is, he needs his medicine and can’t take it on an empty stomach.

Me to Grandpa: “If you can complain this much, you’ve got energy.”

Grandpa: “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

He keeps up his complaining, but it falls on deaf ears…

“If you would just speed up,” I tell him, “you’d be done with your breakfast in a few minutes. Besides, I’ve seen you in worse condition.”

“Oh, what you do you know!” he says waving his hand at me.

I know you, Grandpa! I think to myself, and today you’re a real “Drama Queen!”

“Do I have to brush my teeth,” he begs (usually he has to brush his teeth after breakfast and drink a glass of water before he lays down for a nap, but maybe he should skip it today).

“Well?” he asks staring at me while I tried to figure out whether I should let him off the hook or not.

“Sure, go ahead and take your nap right away, ” I acquiesce. I decided to give him a break…He can attend to his dental hygiene when he gets up.

Truth is, Grandpa’s pooped… and I’m not looking for trouble.

Once more, mercy triumphs over the little gray-haired man trying to pick a fight!