No Dish Left Behind!

I’ve been called a lot of things by my kids, and one that I really resemble is a Mommunist. How this political take over started in my own home was quite innocent enough. One day, disgusted with the state of affairs in our home (a.k.a. compound), namely the little capitalists leaving dirty dishes behind them in every room, it occurred to me that if President Bush could have an initiative called “No child left behind,” then I could have a little initiative of my own called “No dish left behind!” Well, that’s all I had to say, and I was justifiably accused of being a Mommunist.

The definition of socialism is an ideology with the core belief that a society should exist in which popular collectives control the means of power, and therefore the means of production.

If that doesn’t sound like my job I don’t know what does!

If the shoe fits, wear it! If the dish is dirty, take it back to the kitchen!

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