It seems like every time we go out of our way to bless Grandpa with something really special, he acts up…

So, for the last two days (count them – two!) Grandpa has been giving Robert a real hard time about exercising (again)! So, my husband says, he has to exercise 7 days this week instead of 5 (if the punishment fits the crime, wear it). Robert’s trying to get it through Grandpa’s head that complaining is a waste of time. But I think it kind of backfired because it seems that Grandpa dug his wheel chair in even deeper!

The thing is, we just got Grandpa cable TV because he loves watching sports. So, true to form, while the technician was installing the box in his bedroom, Grandpa thought this would be a great time to complain about exercising because he had a captive audience.

So I wheeled Grandpa into the kitchen to get him out of the tech’s earshot and try and reason with him.

Do you see the word “fool” written on my forehead???

After going around in circles with Grandpa (because, I can never win these 360 degree arguments), I told him, “This is the deal, Grandpa, If you exercise without complaining, you can watch TV. If you complain, you don’t get to watch TV.”

“You just got it for that reason, didn’t you?” he said testily.

“Yeah, right, Grandpa,” I said. “I thought ahead of time, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll use cable TV for a reward or punishment system when you’re being real naughty!”

Okay, truthfully, I didn’t say that to him, I just thought it . . .

Well, we went around and around some more and then he says, “You’re the one who brought this up in the first place.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t.” I said (and I didn’t – I have witnesses). Nice try, Grandpa. He sure knows how to push my buttons, doesn’t he?

“But what about my mental health?” he wailed.”All you think about is my physical health.”

Your mental health will mean diddly if you can’t walk from lack of exercise, I thought to myself.

You know, sometimes it’s like I’m just dealing with a six year old.

As a friend told me today, it’s the gravitational pull of the moon on the elderly brain… I’m not sure what it is, but I know one thing, it’s just another day in the swank senior citizen country club with the deluxe home gym and cable TV!


Comments from Grandpa’s fan club:

  • Lindsey Leap Grandpa always makes me laugh!! Miss you guys!
    April 4 at 5:47pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Joeylynn Mattson yes, we DO tune into fb for these; I have you on my favorites bar! sorry if our ‘enjoyment’ is at your expense
    April 4 at 5:52pm · Unlike · 1
  • Gerald Hale I just love your stories. Yee-Haw, git’em Grandpa. Thought you might a good laugh Jill.
    April 4 at 5:54pm · Like
  • Brindusa Panc You’re a dear…
    April 4 at 5:58pm · Like · 1
  • Joeylynn Mattson maybe it should be called: “The Jill and Grandpa Showwww” Can’t you hear the music to the little ditty??
    April 4 at 6:07pm · Like · 1
  • Tami Fox You have a book in the making, Jill. God bless you for your service in caring for Grandpa.
    April 4 at 6:22pm · Unlike · 1
  • Joan Voorhees God will richly bless you, dear sister!
    April 6 at 10:10am · Like