“You’re always there when I need you,” Grandpa said as I put his Duck Dynasty blanket around his shoulders.

“I’m blessed!” he said. “I don’t say it enough!”

“You’re right, Grandpa,” I agreed.

“I’m doubly blessed,” he added. “You and the Lord!”

“Triply blessed,” Grandpa, I replied. “Me, the Lord, and Robert!”

Let’s give credit where credit is due! I wouldn’t be able to care for Grandpa – at all, if it weren’t for Robert!

And we wouldn’t be able to care for this feisty little old man this long if it weren’t for the Lord and the help of our kids! It takes a family to care for a Grandpa.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness to answer my prayers of total frustration!

Grandpa is a blessed man, indeed!