Grandpa needs prayer again friends. He may have a bacterial infection that is difficult to treat or it may just be a contaminated sample. The Doctor was a little vague, but we have to stay another day (it possibly could be more if this doesn’t get resolved) as the infectious disease specialist reviews his case and tells us what antibiotic treatment is best.

I am at peace, but Grandpa is a little restless. He REALLY wants to go home. So today I plan to get him in a wheel chair and wheel him around the hallways a bit, help get him up and walking with the physical therapists, and help him eat lunch and dinner. He did have great improvement with his swallowing, so THANK YOU for praying for him.

Grandpa’s health is in the Lord’s hands. The Father knows what he needs and His mercies are new every morning. I’m thankful I can be here with Grandpa to make this hospital stay bearable, comfortable, and maybe even enjoyable (he has very pretty nurses and that really gives him something to live for).

God hears the prayers of the afflicted and needy, a club which both Grandpa and I are premiere members.